1. brand name and Registered Trademark (USPTO) of martial arts clothing apparel, founded in 2016


  1. a shout or yell uttered when performing a creative martial arts move
  2. a shout or yell uttered to express confidence


  1. to be creative
  2. to get creative
  3. to express yourself creatively


  1. creative; expressive


HOSHTO (pronounced "Hosh! - Tō!) is commonly yelled-out by many extreme and creative martial artists during competition to accentuate signature moves and finishing stances. This is the inspiration for our tag line "It's What I Yell!.

Don't just yell it,..Now you can Wear It!  So, get creative and get HOSHTO.  Let "HOSHTO!" be your war cry to get you noticed in competition.

We hope you enjoy the apparel designs. Thanks for all of your support. We wouldn’t be here without you!